How to Buy From Hon-Mark?

As we are working on providing you with more products on our webpage first before making this a future e-commerce site, we are currently not equipped with online purchasing. The best way to buy is to call us at your closest location. You can find this information in the CONTACT US section in the top left-hand corner.

We can only sell to registered business!!!

Canada has different laws and requirements for Consumer Products and Non-Consumer Products. The requirement for Consumer Products are much higher such as Safety Packaging and Label Requirement. As we have many different products and the law are ambiguous, inaccessible and non-transparent, we made a decision to sell to business only.

Does Hon-Mark ship to different provinces in Canada?

Yes, we do. Please let us know what you want, the quantity you need, and your address or postal code, we can provide you with a quote for your shipment before you decide to purchase.

However, there might be items there are too hazardous to ship or too long to ship (like a 10 feet or 20 feet angle bar). Nonetheless, we can work something else with you like cutting the piece down to a shippable length if you do not mind paying a fee for cutting.

How do we pay if we are in Canada?

Email money transfer (EMT)! Credit cards are for in-store only. It is not accepted over the phone or by email. We will send you a quote with our email and provide you with the email for sending the EMT.

Does Hon-Mark have a Free Shipping Policy after buying a certain amount?

No. Due to hardware products can have different weights and sizes in every possible dimension, it is hard for us to standardize this process. Additionally, some products are even hazardous to ship; thus, making it harder to develop a shipping policy. However, we keep our price low, so you are given the best price possible. We are not here to replace your local stores. We are here to provide you with an option for hard-to-find items.


Yes, but here is what you need before we can make this happen.

Here is the process:

If we have stock, once we receive the payment, it will take us 15 to 60 minutes to pack and provide you the shipping information and 1 to 2 days to have it dropped off.

How do we pack

Always the smallest as possible. If there are two light boxes with a lot of room from our supplier, we will cut them open and put two boxes into one. We will always try to find the closest-fit box to put in to save space, money and the environment.

Also, we reused boxes. (For the environment).

Additionally Fee from Paypal

As Paypal charged us 4% each time for receiving payment, in order to keep our cost low and fair, there will be a line items of 4% of the subtotal amount. This fee is definitely faste and more efficient and could be cheaper than using Wire Transfer (SWIFT system) depending on the invoice amount.

Sales Tax

As per our knowledge, if we are selling to United States or other provinces, we should be charging to the sales' tax of the seller's location. When seller's registered location is not provided, we will be treated as selling in Ontario and using the current Ontario sales tax rates.


We have experienced credit card scams before. Credit card companies are hard to deal with and very unreasonable. They usually sided with the credit card holder side and their policy is not equipped to deal with online fraudulent scams.

We have taken a loss before and not taking another one from a credit card transaction again. If you are in Canada, please use Email Money Transfer (EMT). For the rest of the world, PayPal, please. (Note a 4% Paypal fee will be added to the bill).

The credit card company does not change then we change.

Can I or my company open an account with terms like Net 30 with you guys?

Sorry, 95% will be no. We are not in the business of banking and loaning. We are here to help you to accomplish your jobs, projects and processes. We do not have the time to chase after the money owed to us.

With the current financial system having been much improved in the last 20 years, we believe credit cards or credit cards via PayPal can do the lending process for you.

Should you cannot be around to pay every time, let's take some time and develop a relationship first.


Why? What are your reasons for exchange or return?

It is understandable; however, we have taken so much time, energy, and money in packing, invoicing, and communicating to get this product to you. With spending a little more time researching, perhaps, the wrong items were not purchased in the first place. So, we are sorry, we cannot do a return or exchange. Even with restocking charges, it is still too much cost for us in inspecting, cleaning, and placing the items for the next customers.

On the other hand, if the items have defects, please send us detailed descriptions of the incidents and photos, and we will consult a supplier on what to do with this situation. At the end of the day, our supplier, and not us, is the one who has the expertise in deciding if the products are defective or not.

If wrong items are shipped, we will take responsibility for fixing the problem at our own cost.

What is your Email? I can not find it.

Due to many email scams, we do not put our email on our website. Please text us with your inquiry with your email, and we will email you back.